IL Title Professionals -Expert Services

At IL Title Professionals, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of services to help streamline your transactions.

Although we do not offer legal advice, our expert team is well-equipped to assist you with various aspects of your real estate transactions.

Notary Services

Our notary services cover a range of essential documents, including deeds, Powers of Attorney, Bills of Sale, Affidavits of Title, and General Affidavits. We ensure the accuracy and legality of these critical documents.

Additional Services

We also offer a multitude of supplementary services, such as ordering payoffs, paid assessment letters, surveys, City of Chicago Water Certificates, and City of Chicago Zoning Certificates.

Our professionals can also request realtor commission statements and prepare closing statements to help facilitate smooth transactions.

Title Matters

Our team is skilled in interpreting title commitments and advising on required title clearance. We also obtain title clearance as directed, including personal information affidavits, municipal lien payoffs, and more.

Additionally, we can obtain municipal transfer declarations and advise on municipal transfer requirements and fees.

Title Forms

To further assist you, we provide essential title forms, such as:

  • 1099

  • Statement for American Land Title Association (ALTA)

  • Disclosure and Acknowledgement

  • Payoff Authorization Notices

  • Mortgage Forbearance Certification

  • Trust Certification

  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) Certification

  • Wire Proceeds Authorization

  • Business Disclosure Acknowledgement (DS-1)

Our goal is to deliver exceptional service to our clients across a range of industries.

Work With Dependable Real Estate Escrow Professionals

Let us help you handle all the administrative properties of your real estate transactions. For outstanding escrow and notary services in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, please do not hesitate to contact us today.